Leslie Perlow is available to speak on a variety of topics related to redesigning work to improve work and work-life.  She focuses on how individuals can work together with their colleagues to attain more control and predictability in their work lives while making the work process itself more efficient and effective.  She motivates individuals to take a set of small, doable steps -- turning off and speaking up, and ultimately working together better as a team.  The results are twofold: 1) teams that are characterized by openness, trust, and an energy and enthusiasm to continually improve the way they work; and 2) individuals who have jobs they love and control over their lives. 

Key themes addressed:

  • Breaking the 24-7 habit
  • Changing the way you work
  • Creating learning teams
  • Group help, rather than self-help
  • Turning off and speaking up
  • Better work and better lives
  • Personal issues as a motivator for organization change
  • Small doable change